I Create With Nothing Less Than Bare Essential 

Hi, My name is Cienya Constantineau founder/designer/maker of Leora Leather. I’m a Canadian Rocky Mountain Lady who’s obsessed with details and everything that’s simply naturally beautiful. Five years ago, I discovered California and knew I was home. The sunset/sunrise ocean color-way, sweet summer sun and soft curves of the landscapes are the perfect pallets that inspire me daily.  I craft my bags using high-end, sustainable material and spare no detail when putting together these one-of-a-kind bags. The intention behind the designs is to craft them with durability, sustainability and to be timeless pieces in your collection. They are pieces you can pass along to future generations but are fabulously fun and practical for you to enjoy now. Each is a testament to the specialness we all possess. Sharing my love of the creative process is something I do with extreme gratitude. My hobby is now my business. Thank you for your visit here today and for supporting local artisans.


May your bag carry you with love and support on your path!


By L E Ø R A  L E A T H E R